Cosmetic - Plastic surgery is being talked everywhere these days, TV , Magazines, Internet and more. Society is more comfortable talking about cosmetic - plastic surgery than ever before. More and more people are accepting and indeed feel honoured to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery. Most of the cosmetic procedures we do, have inherent element of functional correction e.g. Nose Reshaping (RHINOPLASTY) can improve breathing, Eyelid Lift (BLEPHAROPLASTY) can improve field of vision, Breast reduction may relieve shoulder pain, and Tummy Tuck (ABDOMINOPLASTY) may help you excercise better in turn improving overall well being. The boost in self confidence and self esteem that comes along with cosmetic procedures goes a long way in improving our own and others perception of ourselves.

Cosmetic surgeons must have skills in surgical procedures, have knowledge of instuments needed, excellent judgement and appropriate ethics. The history of plastic surgery finds its origins in early 800 B.C., when surgeons in India restored noses to persons who had theirs taken off as a form of punishment. Successful surgeries were performed throughout history from then on but not frequently as the procedure could become complicated due to lack of sterile conditions and general knowledge of the body's reactions.

Cosmetic - Plastic surgeries didn't become common until the 20th century. In the 19th century the first cleft palate was repaired in the United States by a surgeon who designed his own tools, but the first plastic surgeries were developed around World War 1 due to numerous casualties having damage done that altered their way of living and had permanently disfigured them.

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